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Pool & Patio Systems

E2U's concrete resurfacers and epoxy patio paint coatings will transform even the oldest, most worn-down patios into beautiful, outdoor spaces.

No matter the duration or frequency of your outdoor patio use, you want to make sure that it’s kept in tip-top shape so that you can continue to use it for years to come. Our Patio Paints, Coatings, and Resurfacing products will help restore your patio to its former glory or can be used to completely transform your space for a whole new look.

It is essential to note that patio surfacing must be particularly durable due to the conditions they will be exposed to throughout the year. Hot summer months bring extreme heat and intense UV rays, which can cause low-quality patio surfaces to fade. Cold winter months bring the opposite extremes, with snow, sleet, and ice that can wear down your patio. Further, without the proper patio paint coating, moisture can seep into the ground of your patio, creating unsightly cracks and flaws. Not only do these imperfections make your patio less appealing visually, but they also pose a safety hazard. Trips and falls are prone to occur on worn-out and cracked patios.

With an outdoor environment, it is expected that your patio will come into constant contact with dirt and grime. When selecting a surfacing option for your patio such as patio paint, you’ll want to consider an option that makes regular cleanings quick and easy so you can get right back to enjoying your outdoor getaway.


Many E2U customers choose flooring with extra texture, such as RubCorp products, to give the flooring better traction.
Decreasing the dangers around wet and slick pool concrete makes your area safer for both adults and kids.

Cost for a new Patio Floor Coating/Staining

A basic epoxy floor such as a solid color is fairly inexpensive for us to create and install over your existing concrete. But most often, people want something more than just “basic epoxy”. An epoxy floor with several colored vinyl chips/flakes will cost more (which is similar pricing to stained concrete prices). Our typical epoxy patio floor (designed and installed) costs from $2.05 per sq. to $4.50 a square foot.

One of our specialties which we love doing is doing custom epoxy floor creations such as checkered boards or special color matching. We price these as individual projects since these types of floors will often cost more due to the extra labor or special colors. The wonderful part about a custom floor is the beauty and uniqueness it adds to the look of the backyard or garage, as well as the increase in home value.

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